Extir® AM A 2000 AE

product name:

Extir® AM A 2000 AE

chemical name:

Expandable polystyrene

trade name:

Extir® AM A 2000 AE



ExtirAMA2000AE is an HBCD-free flame retardant expandable polystyrene in the form of spherical beads of fine particle size, containing pentane as blowing agent. Extir does not contain CFC or HCFC .ExtirAMA2000AE is used for production of shaped mouldings with thin sections and with a good surface finishing. Extir AM A 2000 AE is used mainly in thin section packaging where, for legislative or safety reasons, the use of a flame retardant material is required.Typical applications are:
• thin section packaging (from 5 to 10 mm)
• decorative ceiling panels
• baby/child safety seat

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